My Specialties

My personal training is focused on building strength with proper form and hard work. It is my goal to help each client to become his or her best self. Transforming your body requires both physical and mental strength. With me as your trainer, I will create workouts that will help you meet and exceed your goals. I will motivate and encourage you from start to finish. 


Goal-oriented Training

The feeling after crossing the finish line or seeing the number on the scale change in the right direction is what makes hard work worth it. If you have a specific goal like running a 5k, losing 10 pounds, or building more muscle, we will discuss a plan of action and put it into action. If you have a broad goal like getting more fit, or exercising more frequently, we will break it down into smaller goals that we can check off the list. 


Postpartum Training

Pregnancy and delivering babies does a number on the body and getting the pre-baby body back is so important to not only your health but also to your new baby. Having had two babies myself I can totally understand what new moms are going through. I gained 50 lbs with each pregnancy and still managed to get my pre-baby body back within a year. 

A new mom needs focus on upper body strength and core strength as her demands of carrying the new baby that is gradually growing and getting heavier will requiring more from the new mom. 


Injury Recovery

Injuries are one of the top reasons people become sedentary and gain unwanted weight. We all get accustomed to our situation and before you know it 10 years has gone by. Being an athlete all my life and having 2 shoulder surgeries and pulled muscles I can definitely empathize with people with injuries. Starting from ground zero with injuries is a very slow process and takes time and commitment to come through with success. Whether these injuries are sports related or just life happening we all know that injuries can consume your life. Let’s take our lives back and get strong and healthy together.



"I have been training with Kim for about 10 weeks now and since day one I could tell that she is an excellent personal trainer. What I love most about her is how well she knows her postures. She is most concerned with having the right posture so that one doesn't injure their back, knees, etc. I have friends with personal trainers who complain about back aches due to some exercise they did, but it is amazing how Kim is always so quick at spotting bad posture and correcting it. No one wants trouble when they age.
I also like how she has great balance of strict and lenient. She will always be pushing me to train harder and harder, however she doesn't get carried away, and can tell when I have reached my limit and helps me out accordingly.The bottom line is that I have seen massive improvements since I started working out with Kim, and I have never been fitter in my life; not just in terms of muscles but cardiovascularly as well.  "  



"Kim is an amazing trainer with years (decades) of experience. As an athlete, she has accomplished many races and integrated multiple training programs for her various endeavors. Not only does she know it all, she's personally tried it all. She is adept at training people recovering from injuries, people who have never trained before, even teenagers. She has a special skill for working with older athletes or residents who don't have the ability to get to a gym. She brings it to your home. If you are just getting started on a training program, are ready to attempt something bigger (like a marathon), or have an older parent in a facility whom you like to gift with weekly exercise - Kim is the best you can get."



"Kim is a mom of 2 and I'm convinced she is a secret superhuman. She whipped me back into shape post par tum and motivated me to become a runner. She also worked with me on strength and core work. I worked with her for almost 3 years. I started with once a week hour long sessions but Kim's idea of shorter 30 min sessions twice a week really made a bigger impact for me. I have never been the type to have loved workouts but I am very self disciplined today thanks to Kim. I am convinced of the mental and emotional stability it offers me - I have an almost 3 year old so help me God I need it. :-)

New house budget has resulted in me pursuing self disciplined training this year - something I honestly wouldn't have attempted by myself before. I will someday go back to adding on strength training with Kim but in the meantime, I wish our community gets to leverage the local talent we have."